Reference - class DBE_Database


constructor Creates a new DB Engine database object


create Creates a new table
exists Checks if a table exists
verify Verifies a table (unique, numeric or non-numeric fields)
clear Clears a table
drop Deletes a table


fetch Fetches records (accepts Where clauses, Sorts and Joints)
insert Inserts a new record (accepts auto-increment fields)
update Updates records (accepts Where clauses and Joints)
delete Deletes records (accepts Where clauses and Joints)
fastFetch Fetches records (faster with low ressources)
fastUpdate Updates records (faster with low ressources)
count Counts records


lock Locks tables
unlock Unlocks tables


Tables Returns information on the tables
FieldNames Returns field names


DBE_Tables Returns HTML with tables information (for debug purpose)
DBE_Table Returns HTML with table content (for debug purpose)
DBE_Styles Return CSS for the DBE_Style class (for debug purpose)


Where clauses Where clauses syntax (accepts Joints)
Sorts Sorts syntax (accepts Joints)
Joints Joints syntax
Updates Updates syntax


DBE_VERSION DB Engine version
DBE_CREATE Creates a new database (for constructor)
DBE_DEBUG Debug mode: show warnings (for constructor)
DBE_OVERWRITE Overwrites existing tables (for create method)
DBE_UNIQUE Requests a unique record result (for fastFetch method)
DBE_FS Field separator
DBE_RS Record separator
DBE_SUBDIR Scans sub-directories (for Table method)

Reserved names

DBE_FILEHANDLE constant name (internal use only)
DBE_FILELOCKED constant name (internal use only)
DBE_FIELDNAMES constant name (internal use only)
DBE_FIELDINDEXES constant name (internal use only)
DBE_RECORDSIZE constant name (internal use only)
DBE_LOGSIZE constant name (internal use only)
DBE_clean function name (internal use only)
DBE_cleanField function name (internal use only)
DBE_cleanFieldName function name (internal use only)
DBE_transpose function name (internal use only)


include ('');
include ('');   // optionnal  

$iDBE = new DBE_Database('database/');

echo '<pre>';
print_r ($iDBE->Tables());
echo '</pre>';

echo DBE_Tables ($iDBE);