Reference - Fast Fetch


DBE_Database :: fastFetch

Fetches records - all fields for an unique where clause (faster with low ressources)


array fastFetch ( string  $iTable,
                  string  $iWhereFieldName  = NULL  ,
                  string  $iWhereComparison = NULL  ,
                  string  $iWhereValue      = NULL  ,
                  string  $iUnique          = FALSE )


Parameters :

$iTable    Table name
$iWhereFieldName    Where clause: Fields names - if not set, the method will return all the records
$iWhereComparison    Where clause: Comparison ('=', '!=', '<=', '>=', '~=')
$iWhereValue    Where clause: Value
$iUnique    (optionnal) set to DBE_UNIQUE to stop reading table as soon as one result is found
(default = return all records)


Return :

array of selected records as array of field values themselves


Notes :

  • This method uses less CPU than fetch and is designed for intensive uses
  • Constants are defined to access result record.
    Constants have the following format: DBE_TABLE_FIELDNAME



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